The production weaving department count on more then 120 looms with most innovative machine. Width from 190 to 210 and up to 340 for special project thanks to our group weaving capacity. We weave synthetic fibre as well as natural and blends from 10 den to 1200 den.


From jet to flow from high pressure jigger to beam dye. Our partner grant us the best available technology in dyeing solution with a maniacal care to the environment. A state of the art laboratory guarantee that before each dyeing all process is revalidated to avoid any potential faults.


Printing is done in two different facilities accordingly to the needed technology. The latest machine as well as a full laboratory grant our process a perfect control and quality output. In house IRR test permit to fully control all sophisticated parameter needed to satisfied the most difficult MoD.


We develop in 2001 our own lamination machine in order to improve productivity and fully control quality. A perfect tension management permit to laminate any kind of textile and non woven with all type of membrane. A large selection of dott pattern permit to improve performance or to enhance the fabric softness depending on customer need.


A complete coating and finishing line permit to improve performance of our fabric. Pu and acrylic coating , foaming C8, C6 and fluorine-free treatment Fr coating and bath are only few of our available treatment.