Sustainability manifesto

None of us can drive the change we need to see as individuals.


Innovation has always been our hallmark, with an eye
to the future and new challenges (military; medical) while remaining passionate about beauty. For us, beauty has meant technicality, tenacity, clarity, unruliness, strategy, novelty and now also sustainability.
With this “Manifesto”, we want to make you a part of and accomplice in a constantly evolving progress in which we believe and which we want to actively support.
By 2030 it is predicted that clothing consumption could increase by up to 63%, despite the fact that we wear our clothes 40% less today than we did 10 years ago.
The global economy has about 10 years to avoid catastrophic climate change. Fashion has a leading role in solving this challenge, both because of its global scale and its cultural influence. Our aim is to proudly tell you about the steps we are taking towards a different future. Here are our points of commitment and respect. We are aware that this is not a Pindaric flight but a concrete revolution.



We are committed to creating partnerships aimed at improving the quality of our products, while aiming to improve the quality of the environment around us. Starting with the best known organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, (all GRS certified), we have partnerships with the FULGAR company, owner of the QNOVA fibre, and partnerships with the SEAQUAL initiative.


Transparency is one of the core values.
A supply chain is important and has a huge impact on where a brand stands when it comes to values. Transparency is not a country of origin label. It is a principle of fair trade certification, recognising the sources of materials and sharing logistical processes. It starts from the moment of design, goes through the sales and then, in a sustainable organisation, starts its life again once it has been returned.

We developed a technology to dye our fabrics with 66% of water saving in the whole dying cycle. Noteworthy improvements are also in the use of resources, both renewable and non-renewable, and equally positive are the values on the total processing cycle in relation to the CO2 levels that cause climate change. This process is applicable to all types of fibers and is less impacting, on all the analyzed processes, by 86% compared to traditional cycles.


We are constantly researching and developing strategies to enhance sustainability and innovation.


We believe in the circular economy, that a high-quality, durable fabric can be the basis for revolutionising the textile industry and returning to a green economy. The circular economy is a system of change over a long period of time. It has its roots in ancient philosophy and returns as ‘the system of renewal’ whenever an industrial revolution is in its infancy, as well as during a technical revolution.
The circular economy goes against the previous and current system of the linear “take-make-dispose” economy. The linear system no longer works. The low cost of labour and the low cost of resources have led to excess production being created and then wasted. The energy used to create products in the production chain has been exhausted. This energy is lost. This news is enough for a real change in the management of industry, production and consumption of products. The initial challenge is a change in daily habits. Today, thanks to advanced technology, more information due to imminent climate change and resource scarcity of resources, the world is reacting. This model is restorative by intention and design.

Majocchi helps to promote the circular economy through various introductions:


RE-BORN is a new approach to upcycling existing military materials that are destined for disposal. These high-performing, durable fabrics are reworked with various treatments in order to obtain new aesthetic
and functional characteristics. Our innovative approach to sustainability, which aims at the full optimization of our existing resources. With various methods including overprinting, resin and lamination treatments, flocking, piece tye dye, laser cutting and garment over-dyeing, we have reimagined materials of all kinds.


The sustainable alternative to high tenacity nylon. The use of high tenacity nylon is essential for technical garments and accessories alike. Despite the large industry needs , there are still no viable sustainable alternatives to this product, which is why we developed our own 100% fully recycled and certified high tenacity nylon. Available in 3 weaves and numerous finishing
possibilities based on the performance or aesthetic characteristics required. Re-Cord offers exceptional performance in terms of durability and toughness, truly respecting today’s ecological standards. Q-NOVA by Fulgar is a pre-consumer recycled Nylon 6.6 fiber, 100% Made in Italy, obtained from industrial waste and fully traceable. This choice helps eliminate the use of crude oil necessary for the production of the raw material.


Transforming fabric is our favorite challenge, whether blending with innovative and high-performance finishings, or adding bold coatings capable of transforming the appearance and performance, we can take even the most universal fabric and reimagine it in infinite ways. Our door is open to carry out tests and processes both our base fabrics and those of our customers. The selected trials can be developed on a poplin base in 100% cotton and/or a light 100% nylon, and can be completely reinterpreted and transformed according to the desired effect.

Our goal is to become
carbon and water free
by 2030.