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Majocchi was founded in 1941 in Bobbiate, Varese, one of the most relevant textile areas of all times, thanks to a genial intuition of its founder Bruno Romanin. Since its beginning, Majocchi has always been innovating, becoming a reference point in the market for design innovation and performance. These are the years of the development of the activity: the first wool, rayon, silk, cotton fabrics were produced and in 1947 the AIRONE trademark was patented.



In this decade Majocchi became the leading supplier of waterporoof cotton to most of the rainwear manufacturer of that times.



In the Sixties the Majocchi history moves forward with the production of nylon and technical fabrics for industrial sectors, together with waterproof fabrics. The main partner during these years is Pirelli, and in fact, these are the years of the introduction of high tenacity nylon fabric for PIRELLI, in collaboration with Dupont & Enka-Glanzstoff.
Finally, 1960 is the year of the first partnership with Japan for the distribution of the wavelock patent with Nippon Carbide, Nisho and Maruto Kasey.



A big decade, marked by objectives, breakthroughs and success.
From the Seventies, with the introduction of Poliammide fibers, the company has developed innovative fabrics with high tech content for the industrial market, as well as for shoes, luggage, rucksacks and protective outerwears.
The 1970 is the year of innovation nylon fabric for Moon Boot.
In 1974 starts the collaboration with the famous artist Christo, creating the fabrics for his art works and with Renzo Piano for the development of the first fabrics for tensile structures.

In 1976 as pioneer we first introduced Cordura® fabrics made with US DuPont yarn into the European market and this collaboration brought us in the early 90 to develop for Dupont a complete range of fabric for apparel made with Cordura ®


apparel and protective market

80’ represent another turnkey point of the Company suffering from European brands first moving manufacturing and sourcing in Asia.
The debut in the Company of the third generation bring new life and create the base to became a leadding supplier into apparel and protective market



The Nineties are marked by the development of innovative and performing fabrics for the world of clothing. Among our main customers we can find Ralph Lauren, The North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Timberland, Napapijri. These are also the years of the development of the 3-layer Cordura for the first Luna Rossa.
In 1998 the supply of military fabrics begins, thanks to the collaboration with General Electric.

Majocchi finally enters the military sector in 1994, when it was awarded with a global contract for the Italian army for the new combat uniform and cold weather parka.
In 1998, Laminated fabrics 3 layers and laminated fabrics with ptfe was developed and an exclusive agreement with Event ® by general electric for military and apparel was made.



Design and performance became one, joining in an indissoluble way. Majocchi begins to collaborate with Place, Supreme, Woolrich, Stone Island, Maharishi and many other famous brands. A great milestone for the company, which becomes a point of reference for the world’s largest clothing brands. 2002 marks the launch of the first Flame Retardant Cordura ® fabric for ballistic vest and the development of a special fabric for the helicopter collection.
In 2011 we see the creation of the light weight & packable new fabric for the British army in Iraq Operation Herrik. 2015 is the starting point of the collaboration with Kanye West for Yeezy Season 1.


A journey from its origins to today. Ever since its origins, Majocchi has always focused on research and innovation in the textile field, and it still represents the core of our business. Today the company represents a point of reference in the urban and technical clothing market.

Our goal is to design and produce Made in Italy quality fabrics for the best brands in the world’s fashion scene, which combine quality performances in line with the latest fashion trends. Today we are also suppliers of performing fabrics for the major European armies and for technical workwear.

An aspect that has become more and more relevant to our value system is eco-sustainability. We strongly believe in a sustainable economy and the total respect of the environment, taking a careful look at the key resources of our planet.


Made in Italy
Made in milan

The company is based in Milan, the fashion capital of the world.
Design, R&D center and production facilities are located on the lake Como, a strategic point for high-end textile.

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