We cooperate with our key partners by offering continuous innovation,

realizing over 300 new fabrics each season.

We stand beside our customers to design special fabrics and develop

specific projects. In a globalized market where high focus

is set on inexpensive supply chain, innovation and creativity

have always played a central role in our history.

Two pillars of our brand that have traced the path of our success.


Super light fabrics.
An example of R&D in obtaining resins that resist stress and gives different coats and looks once dyed, on both natural and synthetic bases.
The best results we can achieve with laminations and the use of high tenacity fibers to ensure a very high resistance to tearing and abrasion.
Evolution of basic. Extremely versatile and performing fabrics of natural origin.
The true concept of urban performance. Natural and elegant fabrics coupled with waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes.
A mix of fabrics derived from classic sportswear and archival fabrics.
Natural and performing fabrics.
For years, we have been fine tuning the development of designs and technologies on reflective materials, allowing us to propose unique and avant-garde functional solutions every season.
Recycled and regenerated fibre’s qualitative standards have been developed and improved and thanks to strong collaborations with certified partners we can now offer a wide range of products made with recycled materials.
Fabrics derived from workwear and military that are characterized by the use of specialized fibers, and then wisely mixed with the most tenacious ones. Versatile, rich fabrics that can be turned into creative universal garments.
This collection includes various finishes and performance treatments on 100% cotton or cotton blends. Deriving from workwear and military articles , these Multi-layer constructions, coatings, colors, technical hands and effects give the cotton unconventional enhancements.
Our latest blend of innovation, techniques, fibers, and unconventional couplings to offer the market real tools for product differentiation. Fabrics capable of striking the eye from a distance and stimulating curiosity is that the center of our research.
Fabrics suitable for both accessories and clothing. PLUS is a direct lamination technique that allows you to combine two or more materials with different compositions, to create an article that embodies the characteristics of both base materials.
Selection of ultralight, ultra-resistant
and suitable for different uses fabrics, all characterised by our technical field’s know-how. The overall range is composed by different suits, designs and procedures.
Thanks to our new laminating and welding units, we are now able to turn each item into a real barrier good at protecting us from external elements. technical outfit characterised by a high level of protection, breathability and comfort of products made with recycled materials.
Our casual archive: timeless and very versatile fabrics. From classics such as cotton-nylon to taslans, this is the side of the collection which better encloses the concept of classic/sportswear MAJOTECH
Archival fabrics inspired by military workwear. Characterized by authentic constructions and fibres from fabrics used in equipment and work uniforms. These are the great classics that have always been present in the world of casual wear.
Processed with non-polluting resins, these fabrics offer both protection and always innovative styling solutions. Thanks to our internal laboratory and to the specific internally-applied treatment, we are able to come up with and develop several treatments and effects.
The most experimental side of the collection: our laboratory of ideas. Reflective fabrics, unusual fibres, processed created by technology, bold treatments and new languages are
blended with performances and with authenticity of the groundwork we use.

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