We strongly believe in a sustainable economy and the total respect of the environment,
taking a careful look at the key resources of our planet. Sustainability is one the new subjects that attempts to
bridge social science with civic engineering and environmental science with the technology of the future.
When we hear the word “sustainability” we tend to think of renewable fuel sources, reducing carbon emissions,

protecting environments and a way of keeping the delicate ecosystems of our planet in balance.
In short, sustainability looks to protect our natural environment.

Re-Call is a non-profit initiative born to make a relevant contribution
to the environment through the merging of the productive and social worlds.

We use Q-NOVA, an eco-sustainable nylon fiber 6.6 obtained with regenerated
raw materials. An ecological product that allows a reduction of CO2 emissions, a lower consumption
of water resources and the use of energy from renewable sources.
Furthermore, as far as cotton is concerned,
we make extensive use of organic cottons.

We are Seaqual Licensees, promoting and supporting ocean
clean-up initiatives to challenge plastic pollution. Thanks to
this collaboration we produce a fully sustainable fibre produced
with upcycled marine plastic.
Seaqual Yarn is a 100% recycled material
with full traceability.

Over the years we have been increasing the numbers of sustainable related projects in our portfolio,
pursuing the goal of a fully sustainable company with an invisible performance
in terms of environmental impact.


Recycled and regenerated fibre’s qualitative standards have been developed and improved and thanks to strong collaborations with certified partners we can now offer a wide range of products made with recycled materials.
RE-BORN is a new approach to managing military-derived materials destined for disposal. An innovative approach to sustainability, aiming at the full optimization of stockpiled fabrics.