Re-Call is a non-profit initiative born to make a relevant contribution to the environment through the merging of the productive and social worlds.

The project was established to create a circular economy throughout the life-cycle of a garment. Each item, regardless of its condition, is a valuable source of a row material. Recycling avoids all the elements of which it is composed to be produced again and prevents thousands of tons of textile waste from ending up in landfills. By 2030, the goal is that all products are recycled or obtained through sustainable practices.

The consumer will be able to frame the QR code present on the label affixed to the garments of all the brands that will decide to join the initiative. After entering their address details, Majotech will take care of picking up and delivering to Bartolomeo Ferracina Soc.Coop.Sociale* who will check it, for the purpose of either reconditioning and destined for recycling, or a second hand or a charitable donation.

  • Recycle: the unusable garments will be sent to a fabric recycling center and transformed into raw materials
  • ReUse: the garments in good condition will be resold through a second hand partner platforms and the proceeds will be donated to environmental and social no-profit charities.

*Bartolomeo Ferracina, Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, has played a fundamental role in the employment of disadvantaged workers, since 1983.
Certified ISO 9001,14001, 45001, TS17033. Registered in the National Register Of Environmental Managers.