Majotech introduces the new ss22 collection

19 January 2021
Majotech introduces the new ss22 collection

Majotech introduces the new ss22 collection

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Innovation never stops.


Over the last year, Majotech has given a strong message to the market: the leading company in the fabric sector and synonymous with innovation, quality and high-performance does not stop.

Thanks to the in-house design, research and development hub that produces more than 300 new fabrics every season, Majotech is able to meet all the creative and production requests of its clients.

This has allowed the realization of PROTEK, the protective fabric that acts as a shield against viral contamination, developed within record time for medical professionals exposed on the front line against COVID-19.

Furthermore, at the end of 2020 the company became 100% Italian again, buying out the entire property and showing its commitment to enhancing the value of Made in Italy.

The innovative and proactive attitude, which has always distinguished Majotech, is reflected in the new collection presented for the SS22 season: a mix of design, sustainability and performance.

The collection is made up of different categories of fabrics, classified according to performance and technical features.

 REFLECTIVE: for years, we have been fine tuning the development of designs and technologies on reflective materials, allowing us to propose unique and avant-garde functional solutions: starting with multireflex with iridescent reflections, coupled with resin coatings and printing techniques for various desired end results.

EXPERIMENT: is the center of our research and contains our latest blend of innovation and technology. Thanks to fibers and unconventional couplings, it offers the market real tools for product differentiation.

SUPERLIGHT: lightness, transparency and resistance are the keywords of this category.

Majotech is the only textile producer in the world to apply aesthetic and functional treatments on ultralight bases, and to discover the numerous finishes that radically transform an impalpable fabric into a new material.

AUTHENTIC: unveils the company’s historical archive, a timeless DNA, always modern and current. Fabrics derived from workwear and military that are characterized by the use of specialized fibers, and then wisely mixed with the most tenacious ones.

 RE-CORD: the sustainable alternative to high tenacity nylon. Thanks to experience in the world of technical military and workwear fabrics, Majotech developed its own fully recycled and certified high tenacity 100% Made in Italy nylon. Re-Cord offers exceptional performance in terms of durability and toughness while also respecting today’s ecological standards and fully traceable.

RE-BORN: the new approach to upcycling existing military materials that are destined for disposal. These high-performing, durable fabrics are reworked with various treatments in order to obtain new aesthetic and functional characteristics. An innovative approach to sustainability, which aims at the full optimization of our existing resources. With various methods including overprinting, resin and lamination treatments, flocking, piece tye dye, laser cutting and garment over-dyeing, Majotech have reimagined materials of all kinds.

LAYER SYSTEM: shield fabrics against all climatic elements, a real protective barrier against external agents. Organic, synthetic and natural fabrics become high-performing items which perfectly match all environments, and are characterized by a high level of protection, breathability and comfort.

ECO: with the development and improvement of quality standards for recycled and regenerated fibres, and thanks to strong collaborations with certified partners, we are now able to offer a wide range of products made with recycled materials.

This includes WATERZERO, a special technique able to save up to 80% of water in fabric’s colouring process.

COTTON ECO: includes high-performance and non-performance finishing and treatments, on 100% cotton or mixed bases, of workwear and military origin. Multi-layer constructions, coatings, colours, technical treatments and effects give cotton unconventional features.

PLUS: is the new line of fabrics designed for both the world of accessories and clothing. Plus is a direct lamination technique that allows the combination of two or more materials with different compositions to create an item that best embodies the characteristics of the fibres it is made of.