Majotech celebrates 80 years of business activity

9 April 2021
Majotech celebrates 80 years of business activity

Majotech celebrates 80 years of business activity

Majotech celebrates 80 years of business activity 2880 1800 Majotech | Majocchi SRL

After returning to 100% Italian ownership, the company looks to the future respecting the great history of the past.

Over the past year, Majotech has given a very clear message to the market: the leading company in the fabrics field and synonymous with innovation, quality and high-performance is not stopping.

The acquisition of shares in December 2020, besides representing a turning point in the shareholding structure, testifies to the company’s desire to enhance the value of Made in Italy.
Today, 9 April, Majotech celebrates its eightieth birthday.

Founded in 1941 by Bruno Romanin, Majotech was born with the ambition of becoming a leader in the production of industrial fabrics. With the second generation, the company established itself on the market thanks to its innovative fabrics with high technological components and collaborated with major international artists such as Christo and Renzo Piano.

In the eighties Andrea Terracini, the present CEO and president, joined the company, expanding the core business towards technical clothing and fashion, allowing Majotech to work with the most important designers and fashion brands.

By focusing on textile research and innovation and highlighting its unique approach in the industry, Majotech has built its strong identity.

Today, the fourth generation steps into the company and looks to the future with a keen eye on sustainability, developing a series of projects that show Majotech’s commitment to the environment.